Researchers Develop Revolutionary New Internet Technologies

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Scientists are developing a new technology that may well revolutionise the internet by changing its infrastructure into one that would be open and programmable which would mean traffic would be driven at the speed of light. The research is being conducted by the High Performance Networks Group at the University of Bristol and if the researchers are right, everything about the internet could change.

Highly disruptive

Dimitra Simeonidou, lead author of the study says the technology that is being developed may well pave the way for a variety of new internet services and applications that were impossible in the past. It is also highly likely that the technology will be highly disruptive and change the balance of power from vendors and operators that currently monopolise the present infrastructure to wider users and service providers.

Makes use of light

The researchers have built a new high performance network infrastructure that makes use of light to transport internet traffic that is open to anyone and is also programmable. In the past several internet technologies have been developed however none have been able to create new, revolutionary internet applications the researchers said. The latest development is an open source optical internet that is facilitated by an optical white box and network technologies that are defined by their software.

“Hardware and software technologies reported in this paper can potentially revolutionise optical network infrastructure, said Dr. Reza Nejabati, coauthor of the study. “These technologies will hide complexity of optical networks and open them up for traditional programmers and application developers to create new type of Internet applications taking advantages of speed of light.”