Galaxy S9 Review

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review

This year’s version of Samsung’s flagship smartphone the Galaxy S9 is all about the camera, at least that is the way Samsung is marketing the device. Why is Samsung focusing on the camera to the exclusion of all other features? Well because at first glance the Galaxy S9 looks remarkably similar to its predecessor the Galaxy S8 and if you check the specs, they are virtually the same.

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Tips On Setting Up A Wi-Fi Network

How To Improve The Performance Of Your Wireless Network

Are you finding that your internet speed is causing problems with your Netflix binging or your children are complaining that laggy internet is the reason they are losing online games? The good news is there are a couple of fixes that will improve speed, range and the overall performance of your wireless network. If you follow these few tips your network connectivity will improve even if you have multiple gadgets connected simultaneously.

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Smartphone Batteries Could Get More Powerful In The Future

The Three Best Ways To Track A Lost Or Stolen Smartphone

These days it is extremely easy to track down a lost smartphone with accurate and effective apps. Whilst it is never cool to lose and expensive device that was paid for by hard earned cash, as long as you have a smartphone tracking app installed you will be able to find the missing phone pretty easily. In this post we take a look at three top tracking apps that may be able to save you after a big night out on the razz.

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MIT Spinoff Develops More Powerful Smartphone Batteries

Guide To Picking An Internet Service When You Move

Moving houses takes a lot of work. Whether you own or rent the place there is tons of stuff that you need to tick off on your to-do list. One of the most important is obviously going to be making sure you have an internet connection up and running. If you are renting a place then this poses a unique question. If you are not sure how long you will be staying in your new abode, which internet connection is right for you? Before you start looking at all the plans that are available there are a number of things you should consider:

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Guide To Australian Music Streaming Services

Australians have plenty of choice when it comes to music streaming services. In fact, there is so much choice that it can be difficult to decide which service to pick. To narrow your choices down, we have compiled a list of what we think are the best music streaming services that are available in Australia right now. All of these services have mobile apps and you also have the option of paying for a premium version for most of these services which does away with ads completely.

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Happy 15th Birthday Super Fast Broadband

Guide To Switching Broadband Providers

For many people having an internet connection at home is essential just like other utilities such as water or electricity. When people pick an internet service provider they tend to stick with the same ISP for a while. However there are plenty of reasons why someone would want to switch to a different ISP. They may have found a plan that is cheaper or has higher data allowances, or perhaps they have become dissatisfied and want to take their business to a rival ISP. On the surface it may seem difficult to switch ISP’s in reality it is actually quite simple. In fact switching ISP’s is usually less expensive than setting up a new account. Here is how you go about doing it.

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What is ADSL

Guide To Choosing A Broadband Provider

It is always advisable to shop around for the best possible broadband package rather than sticking with the same ISP year in year out. When you are shopping around, you should be aware that the cheapest deals are not necessarily the best. You need to articulate what you expect from your internet connection. As smartphones and tablets become more popular and more and more people are subscribing to video streaming services, you will probably want a generous data package, especially if multiple people in your home are streaming simultaneously.

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When To Buy A New Smartphone

When To Buy A New Smartphone

With new mobile devices coming out nearly every day it can be hard to figure out when the best time to buy a smartphone whill be. Common problems include working o9ut whether the device you are looking at has already been out too long and whether there may be a better phone available right around the corner. Some people need to decide which operating system they prefer. These questions can be hard to answer and there is no simple solution. Each OS has its own life cycle which determines when it is best to buy a new handset and we will try to walk you through the process of buying an iPhone or Android device.

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Worldwide mobile internet

How To Solve Problems With Mobile Broadband

One of the best ways of connecting to the internet is mobile broadband. This is because it is easy to use, affordable and most importantly portable. However just like with any other type of new technology, it is still not completely perfect. For example in rural areas, 3G and 4G internet connections can be patchy. In this guide we will be examining some common problems with mobile broadband and provide some simple steps that should help solve them.

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Best legal home movies

Guide To Australian Video Streaming Services

Video streaming is taking over Australia and there are a number of services to choose from. In fact there are so much choice that it can be difficult to choose a service to subscribe to. In order to help you make a choice we have put together a list of the four major video streaming services that are available in Australia. All of them require payment of monthly subscription fee in order to enjoy them and of course the big advantage with that is they are all completely ad free.

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