Facebook Adds New Lists Feature To Appeal To Younger Users

It’s no secret that Facebook has lost a lot of its allure with users and youngsters are opting for alternatives such as Instagram and Snapchat instead. However, for people who can remember the 90’s Facebook is still the dominant social network but it is not naïve to the fact that users are growing increasingly disenchanted with the growing number of advertisements being displayed in the News Feed. As a result, Facebook is adding a new feature to its status update box called Lists.

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Nexus 5

Google Plans To Introduce ‘Stories’ In Mobile Search Results

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last decade, you will probably have a basic understanding of social media. Whilst the older generation prefer to stick with Facebook, millennials have been accustomed to ‘Stories’ which are basically full screen displays of content that users can either choose to swipe or tap through and are only available for a short period of time.

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How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Three Tips To Keeping Your Child Safe Online

At the beginning of the month the world marked Safer Internet Day and in the spirit of the theme of that day we decided to put together a few tips for making sure that your children remain safe when they are online. According to a top online safety expert, the risks of children accessing dodgy online material are now at an all-time high. Not only is there more creepy content out there but kids these days are savvier than they have ever been.

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Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung To Reveal Galaxy S9 At This Year’s Mobile World Congress

At this year’s CES, DJ Koh, Samsung’s chief of mobile essentially confirmed the company would be revealing its next flagship Android smartphone at this month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. There have also been leaks suggesting exactly when consumers will be able to get their hands on the hotly anticipated device. Evan Blass a prolific phone leaker claims that an executive at an accessories manufacturer has told him there will be several Galaxy S9 launch dates.

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Facebook Introduces Click-to-WhatsApp In Advertisements

Facebook is introducing new features which will allow advertisers on its platform to connect with the more than one billion users of the Facebook owned instant messaging app WhatsApp. According to a report in Techcruch, the social network has launched a click-to-WhatsApp messaging button which will allow people to call or message using the WhatsApp platform instantly. Whilst the feature is targeted at advertisers for now, Facebook may well decide to allow regular users to take advantage of it as well.

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iPhone X gigabit LTE

Next Generation iPhones Likely To Have Bigger Batteries

It’s hardly been a couple of months since Apple launched its most recent flagship mobile device the iPhone X but people are already speculating about what comes next. Towards the end of last year, reports began to surface that this year, Apple intends to release three iPhones all of which make use of the same design language as the iPhone X. Now people are talking about the battery capacity of the company’s next generation line up of phones.

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apple logo

Apple Files Patent Application For Long Range Wireless Charging

Apple has applied for a patent for technology that will allow mobile devices to be charged from across the room. According to the application the system would have the ability to deliver charges to multiple devices using a combination of wired and wireless connections. The ability to deliver charges over long distances wirelessly has faced a number of challenges ranging from distance, safety and availability of power. However, Apple may well have solved most of these problems.

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No More Cracked Phone Screens

Soon Cracked Smartphone Screens Could Be A Thing Of The Past

According to the latest research from Japan, scientists have developed a new type of glass that can self-heal cracks and breaks. The glass is made using a low weight polymer that can fix a crack or break when pressed together by hand instead of having to heat the material to high temperatures. The research was conducted by scientists at the University of Tokyo and offers the very real promise that all our smartphones could use this glass as the material from which their screens are made from.

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Note 7

Samsung Develops New Chips That Will Give Next Gen Flagship Smartphones 512GB Of In-Built Storage

Samsung Electronics is taking smartphone storage solutions to a completely new level. Recently the company announced it has started to mass produce the first 512GB memory chip for the next generation of smartphones. The technology makes use of Samsung’s proprietary 64-layer, 512GB V-NAND chips. The technology is termed as Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) and at 512GB is a memory chip that simply has no competitors in terms of capacity or performance.

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google phone assistant

Google Launches Light Version Of Android For Next Billion

Google is doing everything it can to ensure that people all over the world has access to Android, even if they cannot afford to purchase a fancy phone. This is an ambitious strategy that began initially with the ill-fated Android One initiative which sought to unify the Android experience across budget smartphone OEM’s. Now Google has announced Android Oreo (Go Edition) which will roll out simultaneously with Android 8.1. This new operating system has been designed specifically for entry level smartphones which are smaller and cost under US$400.

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