New USB-C Technology To Be Rolled Out Soon

New USB-C Technology To Be Rolled Out Soon

If you have recently purchased a new Android phone or laptop over the last couple of years you will probably have noticed a new type of connector which is called USB-C. The connector represents a major upgrade to the cables that have come before it. For one thing, it’s much faster so it takes a lot less time to recharge or transfer files. It is also completely reversible so you can plug it into the port any which way you like. The connector has been designed to be ubiquitous so you have one connector that can be used for your laptop, phone, Nintendo Switch or any other electronic device that you may own.

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google phone assistant

Google To Revamp Desktop Search Page

Google has an extremely simple homepage that arguably made the company popular with users and is responsible for the billions in profits it makes every year. We all know it, it consists of a single search box set against a white background. Apparently however, the design is about to undergo a radical change for the first time since the search engine was launched back in 1996. There will be the addition of Google interest and a news based feed on the home page.

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smartphone batteries

Soon We Could Have Battery Free Mobile Devices

Can you imagine a future where you never have to worry about charging your phone? Well that dream may soon become a reality because it is the exciting implication of new research undertaken by the University of Washington. At the university, scientists have developed a mobile phone prototype that does not need a battery at all!

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MIT Spinoff Develops More Powerful Smartphone Batteries

Ex Google Employee Developing Internet Satellite Project

For many people, super-fast lag free internet connectivity via satellite instead of a wire into your home has been a years-long pipe dream. Many of the giant internet companies have explored the idea as they hope increased internet access in the developing world will lead to greater profits. A former employee of Google and friend of Elon Musk is the first team to have received permission to build a next-generation satellite internet service. If the project does take off, it could deliver internet access to every part of the United States, including rural areas which are often difficult to deliver internet access to using traditional cables.

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Tips On Setting Up A Wi-Fi Network

MIT Team Develops New Technologies To Improve Wi-Fi At Large Venues

It’s not easy to get a good Wi-Fi signal at a major sporting event, however that is about to change because researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory believe they have found a solution. When we are in crowded areas such as a conference hall, airport, stadium or concert, multiple wireless routers need to be installed so that everyone has access to the internet. However, this cause the problem of interference with so many routers in play which results in a crowd that is frustrated by incredibly slow access to the internet.

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Nexus 5

Google Making Its Artificial Intelligence Powered Assistant Available To Third Parties

The Google Assistant is no longer exclusive to Pixel phones anymore. Google’s digital assistant will soon be available for iPhones as well. Google’s Scott Huffman made the announcement during the keynote presentation at the Google I/O developer conference Which was held recently. If you think Google was done by making its digital assistant available to iPhone users, you would be wrong. As Google makes its AI technology available to more devices, its smart assistant gets much smarter.

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Google To Stop Supporting Flash

SpaceX Developing Internet Network To Be Beamed From Space

By 2019 Elon Musk’s space exploration company SpaceX will be launching rockets that have its own satellites as its payload. According to Patricia Cooper who heads up the company’s satellite government affairs division, the company wishes to build a network of internet connected satellites. Ms Cooper revealed the company’s plans at a United States Senate committee hearing about broadband infrastructure. SpaceX has plans to launch its first prototype satellite into space by the end of this year. The first fully operation satellites will be launched by 2019.

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5G World

Apple Testing 5G Technology

Just about every major United States mobile carrier is working on Fifth Generation (5G) wireless technology. It will probably be ready to deploy within a few year’s time. Device manufacturers in the meantime are making sure their products will be ready for use when the time finally comes when 5G networks are deployed. According to a Business Insider report, Apple is quick off the mark and has already sought permission to begin testing 5G technologies just for that purpose.

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Cortana Digital Assistant

Microsoft Opens Up Cortana Digital Assistant To Developers

Microsoft has decided that it will open up its digital assistant named Cortana to developers. The company has provided a Cortana Skills Kit which will enable developers to integrate their services with the digital assistant. At present the skill set is in public preview which means we could see some really cool stuff happening with Cortana in the near future. The news comes hot on the heels of a launch by speaker maker Harmon Kardon of Invoke, its Cortana powered speaker.

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driverless car

Australians Embrace The Idea Of Driverless Cars

Australians love the idea of the driverless car, but they want to inspect the vehicle first. According to the results of a national study undertaken by the Australian Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI), Australians are pretty keen to get rid of the steering wheel. The survey polled over 5000 Australians aged 18 or over and the results indicate that the majority liked the idea of using a driverless car when they were tired or when driving was monotonous. Another reason for liking the idea was they could let the vehicle do the driving if they had consumed alcohol.

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