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India To Force Smartphone Manufacturers To Add Panic Button

In order to ensure women receive assistance in the event of an emergency, Indian authorities have declared that all new mobile devices sold in the country will have to feature a panic button which allows users to make emergency calls. The new rule is effective from 2017 and there is an additional regulation that all phones sold from 2018 will also have to have in-built GPS navigation. India’s telecom ministry says the new rules are designed to improve safety of women. Currently feature phones make use of the 5 and 9 keys for panic buttons. Smartphone manufacturers will either have to introduce a new button or add a feature in order to send emergency alerts.

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Smartphone Batteries Could Get More Powerful In The Future

New Battery Technology Could Allow You To Recharge Your Phone In Seconds

Soon you may be able to charge your smartphone within a few seconds. Scientists have been developing new flexible supercapacitors that can be recharged over 30,000 times before they start degrading. After about a year and a half the smartphones start to hold charge for less time and the battery starts to degrade. Scientists at the University of Central Florida have invented a new process to create super capacitors. This method could ultimately end up revolutionising technology from mobile phones to electric cars.

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Apple Reportedly Developing Revolutionary New Camera System For iPhone 8

Apparently Apple is working on a revolutionary new camera that will be included as part of the upcoming iPhone 8. The tech behemoth has registered a new patent that just might make this new feature a reality. The patent was spotted by none other than AppleInsider and came to Apple as part of its acquisition of PrimeSense in 2013. PrimeSense was the company that developed Xbox Kinect. According to the filing the technology uses computer vision to review digital images in real time to identify human faces and other targeted objects.

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Nepal To Offer Free Wi-Fi At Mount Everest Base Camp

Soon visitors to Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world will have internet access. Climbers and tourists alike will be able to tweet, chat and share from both the Lukla-Everst Base Camp and the Annapurna Base Camp courtesy of free Wi-Fi provided by the Government of Nepal. Recently Nepal’s telecoms regulator, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) announced its intention to establish free Wi-Fi zones along the Everest base camp which is a hugely popular destination for mountaineers.

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WhatsApp No Longer Supports Older Versions Of Android

At the start of the year if you tried to send a New Year’s greeting to friends and family, chances are you weren’t able to use WhatsApp to do it. To make matters worse there weren’t any alternative messaging apps out there for you to use. The reason for this is WhatsApp stopped supporting a range of older smartphones on New Year’s Eve. The messaging app which is owned by Facebook no longer supports smartphones that run on Android 2.2 Froyo or older versions of Android. The app no longer supports iPhones running on iOS 6 or older.

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New Technology Developed To Deliver Wireless Gigabit Internet Access

NBN Chief Says Consumers Just Not Interested In Super-Fast Broadband Connections

The head of the National Broadband Network says Australians are just not ready for super-fast broadband and would not use it even if it were offered for free. Bill Morrow chief executive of NBN Co made the claim at the company’s half yearly results. Mr. Morrow said that there was just not that much demand for it. Australians are unable to access the company’s fastest speed of 1 gigabit per second.

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5G World

What A 5G World Will Mean

Can you imagine what a world with 5G will look like? Whilst it is obvious that your smartphone internet connection will definitely be faster, that development barely scratches the surface of 5G capability. It is universally agreed that by the end of this decade, 5G will be available, but no one knows for sure what that means. Recently telecom equipment maker Nokia offered a preview of 5G technology and there were some surprising revelations.

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Thailand Makes It Compulsory To Register Fingerprint When Purchasing New SIM Card

It is more than likely that in the future we will need our fingerprint on our phones for other reasons than simply unlocking it. Thailand has decided that it will be mandatory for the buyers of new SIM cards regardless of whether they are pre-paid or post-paid to register their fingerprints. This is bound to spark some privacy concerns, particularly if such measures were proposed in the United States. According to the Bangkok post, SIM card buyers will have their prints go into a national database that will enable the government to trace the identity of each phone user.

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New Technology Developed To Deliver Wireless Gigabit Internet Access

Australia Makes Strong Gains In Average National Internet Connection Speeds

In terms of average national connection speeds, Australia is ranked 50th in the world according to a report compiled by Akamai. The report measured several metrics charting 2016’s average national internet speeds measured in megabits per second and determined Australia ranking based on its average connection speed of 9.6Mbps. What was surprising to learn is that some developing countries had faster average national internet connection speeds, including Thailand which was ranked 36th with an 11.7Mbps average speed and Kenya which was ranked 43 with an 11Mbps connection speed.

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MIT Spinoff Develops More Powerful Smartphone Batteries

SpaceX Has Plans For Satellite Delivered Global Internet Service

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has some massive plans to deliver internet access too hard to reach areas around the world from space. The company recently filed an application with the United Stated Federal Communications Commission that suggests it intends to launch thousands of satellites into orbit which will function as internet delivery platforms.

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